Holy Water Fonts

Written by Kevin Little
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Holy water fonts are beautiful display pieces that also serve as useful items for the practicing Catholic. If you have access to water blessed by a member of the clergy, then a font becomes a pleasant necessity. Even if holy water is out of your reach, you may be so taken by the gorgeous designs of these fonts that you'll want one anyway!

Holy water fonts are not limited to churches. In fact, my grandmother kept hers right inside the front door of her house for easy access to anyone who might visit. Her font held a special place in the house, in terms of not only its purpose but its wonderful design.

If you're looking to add holy water fonts to your home, you should take a look at the many kinds of fonts currently made. These fonts tend to be crafted from one of three materials, porcelain, resin and alabaster. Alabaster fonts have a classy, monochrome look, while resin and porcelain fonts can be more easily customized with a variety of different colors.

Designs of Holy Water Fonts

Many fonts are constructed around a carving of the Madonna or the Holy Family above the holy water receptacle, though many other options are also available. Both angels and crucifixes are also popular choices. These carefully rendered objects are a great addition to any Catholic dwelling.

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