Our Lady Of Grace

Written by Kevin Little
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Our Lady of Grace, also known as the Virgin Mary, is one of the most recognizable figures in Catholicism. Sightings of her have been reported throughout the centuries in locales scattered throughout the world. In the world of Catholic jewelry, Mary's visage can be found on any number of medals and pendants, and she is included on the Four Way medal as well.

One of the most striking pieces of jewelry to bear Mary's image is the Miraculous medal. It is said that Mary herself provided the inspiration for this medal when she appeared in 1830 to St. Catherine Laboure in a small convent in France. She carefully showed Catherine just how she wanted the medal to look, front and back, and this design has survived to this day.

Our Lady of Grace is shown on the front of the medal, and her heart (along with the heart of Jesus) is among the designs etched onto the back. These medals are among the most significant symbols of Mary's divine grace. Of course, there are also many other kinds decorative pieces that bear Mary's likeness.

Statues of Our Lady of Grace

Statues featuring Our Lady of Grace are especially popular among Catholics. Many statues show Mary looking down, as if at the Earth, with her arms spread and her palms open. Such posture indicates the blessings she pours down upon the planet and its inhabitants.

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