Sports Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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Sports medals are a novel concept for many Catholics. Sure, we're used to saints offering aid in a variety of different activities, from work to driving--but sports? As it turns out, any athlete would do well to look into the medals available for sporting use.

When it comes to sports medals, the patron saint of atheletes, St. Sebastian, takes on the vast majority of the games and must absolutely hog the television up in heaven. Another saint often associated with sports is St. Christopher, the patron saint of safety or protection during activity. The two share responsibility for the four major sports (football, baseball, basketball and hockey) while also watching over other forms of athletics on an individual basis. They cover everything from cheerleading to motorcycling. Things must get hectic during the Olympics for these two saints!

No matter what sport you play, you're bound to find guidance from the sporty saints. St. Rita also gets into the mix on a more limited basis, counting only baseball worthy of her attention. Many hardball fans can certainly relate to such an attitude! Medals featuring any one of these three can be a great boon to one's athletic life, whether that entails getting out on the field or sitting down on the couch to root on the hometown team.

Sports Medals on the Web

You take your sport seriously, so, if you're looking for sports medals, you'll want to find a place that takes their medals just as seriously. A site selling Catholic medals should provide not only merchandise but information about the saints that interest you. Such facts included on a website are the mark of a quality Catholic business.

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