St Benedict Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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St Benedict medals show the face of one of the simplest yet most revolutionary monks ever to have lived. While St Benedict's manner and teachings were both gentle and straightforward, the extent to which he transformed the monastic life is unprecedented. His teachings paved the way for western monastic life as we know it.

St Benedict sought only to toil in the service of the Lord, a feeling summed up by one of his more famous quotes, "Ora et labora" or "pray and work." This concise statement really did sum up St. Benedict, so devoted was he to his faith and his duties. One of these duties eventually led to the writing of the Benedictine Rule, which has served since its inception as a model for monasteries across the world.

Despite the miracles that dotted his life, Benedict always sought the straight and narrow path of faithful servitude to God. Anyone wishing to follow in his example might be tempted to look for St Benedict medals. Such medals allow for a reminder of the teachings and ways of St Benedict to infiltrate our daily lives and lead us to a more peaceful existence with our fellow humans.

Searching for St Benedict Medals

St Benedict medals are not difficult to find, given the fact that there are still Benedictine monasteries all over the planet. He is one of our more popular saints, thanks both to his quiet determination and lasting impact. Have a look on the internet should you wish to learn more about this remarkable saint and the medals that bear his likeness.

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