St Francis Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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St Francis medals can initially be a bit confusing, since there is more than one St Francis. The St Francis that most people think of is St Francis of Assissi, famed for his gentle nature and love of animals. However, St Francis' life did not start out in the way that one might expect.

St Francis was born into a wealthy Italian family in either 1181 or 1182. As a young man, Francis had thoughts of becoming a merchant (like his father) or perhaps a soldier. He actually saw military action in 1201, participating in a raid of Perugia, during which he was taken captive. Despite this experience, Francis was ready for battle again in 1205, and was prepared to leave with an army bound for Apulia until he had a dream in which God told him not to go. God indicated that Francis should instead stay where he was and work with the less fortunate.

So Francis stayed, and began an incredible life of service unto others in the name of the Lord. He renounced all of his worldly possessions, choosing instead to focus on living his life as Jesus had. St Francis medals provide a wonderful reminder of the ways of this warm, friendly man who once had the temerity to preach to the Sultan of Egypt himself!

St Francis Medals: Animals Included

St Francis is sometimes portrayed as something of a Dr Doolittle for Catholics, such was his fondness for all God's creatures. St Francis medals often show the saint accompanied by a canine friend. The patron saint of animals must live up to his name, after all.

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