St Jude Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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St Jude medals have really come a long way ever since people stopped confusing him with Judas. St Jude is known as the patron saint of lost causes because early Christians refused to pray to him, thinking they would instead be praying to Judas Iscariot. Luckily, the error has been reversed over time, though Jude's title remains.

St Jude was related to Jesus, another figure with whom he is sometimes confused. Take a look at one of the many St Jude medals, and you may notice a resemblance to the Son of God. Despite these cases of mistaken identity, Jude has been able to form an identity and legend all his own.

St Jude preached in various places in the modern-day Middle East with St Peter. He was said to be able to exorcize false idols in such a way that caused their destruction. He also wrote a long letter, or epistle, which is highly valued by today's scholars.

St Jude Medals: Not Lost Causes

For all his accomplishments, St Jude is still remembered mainly as "the guy we used to mix up with Judas." Nevertheless, he holds and important place for those who feel that their needs are not being met or that their prayers are going unanswered. St Jude medals can provide many with a source of one of the most valuable human emotions: hope.

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