St Michael Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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St Michael medals are particularly important to those who face life-threatening situations in their lines of work. St. Michael is the patron saint of both police officers and emergency medical technicians, and his help is appreciated by all who strive to keep our world a safe and healthy one. St. Michael is certainly a comforting ally in times of trouble.

St Michael is not only a saint but an angel, and not only an angel but an archangel. His was the name called by the other angels as a battle cry when facing the challenge of Lucifer within heaven's gates. St Michael's responsibilities include protecting the souls of fallen mortals from the Devil's grasp.

St Michael medals often show him fighting a dragon, an image taken from Apocalypse 12:7. With his wings spread and spear (or sword) and shield at the ready, he makes for an imposing foe to any who might resist the will of the Lord. His strength and courage inspires fear in his enemies and confidence in his Earthly friends.

St Michael Medals Are Great Gifts

Anyone who might be able to use a bit more heavenly force on his or her side will appreciate the gift of a St Michael medal. St Michael medals are incredibly distinctive and powerful pieces. Constructed carefully and thoughtfully, these medals will be treasured for years to come.

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