St Rita Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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St Rita medals make a great gift for the baseball nut in the family. St Rita was not a baseball fan herself, having lived in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Nevertheless, fans the world over pray to St Rita when they find their team down a run (or four) in the bottom of the ninth.

St Rita of Cascia was born in 1381 and, despite her fervent wishes to become a nun, was forced by her family to marry. Her tumultuous marriage ended when her husband died in a fight, and in 1413 she was admitted to the Augustinian order. She was revered for her devotion, and famed for her visions and the injuries on her head that suggested a crown of thorns. Canonized in 1900, she continues to live on in the hearts and minds of religious scholars and baseball fanatics.

St Rita medals are perhaps best suited to fans of the Boston Red Sox or Chicago Cubs, as she is also known as the patron saint of impossible dreams. However, even Yankees fans need guidance and comfort every so often (so I'm told), and so St Rita medals are available to fans and players of every stripe. After all, the local nine can always use a little extra help on the base paths.

Finding St Rita Medals

Baseball fans tend to be particular in their tastes, so not just any medal will do when it comes for a gift for such folks. Luckily, high-quality medals depicting St Rita can be easily located on the internet. Sites that sell such medals may also offer a detailed history of the saint in question, making for a fascinating baseball-related story to tell!

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