Sterling Silver Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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Sterling silver medals are varied in terms of design but shouldn't be variable in terms of quality. If you are looking to buy Catholic jewelry, then take the time to seek out a company that shows a lot of pride and care in its work. You'll not only have the pleasure of looking over a large selection of first-rate jewelry, but the confidence of knowing your chosen piece will stand the test of time.

The number of different designs incorporated into sterling silver medals is quite amazing. One of the most unique Catholic items you can find is a Four Way Medal, or Cruciforum. These pieces are made to show not one but four different Catholic figures. The portraits of these figures form a cross, thus bringing to fruition an original and beautiful idea.

Scapulars are also wonderful examples of sterling silver medals. Originally used as a term for a piece of cloth worn by monks of certain orders, a scapular can also refer to some of the wonderful medals made today. These lasting pieces are sure to make for a wonderful gift for any Catholic occasion.

Sterling Silver Medals: Timeless

If you are wondering why you'd want to get a medal in sterling silver, consider just how many times that medal will be used. Many Catholic medals are worn every day, so precious are they to their owners. When purchasing a Catholic medal as a gift or for yourself, you'll want to make sure that the piece you choose is not only pretty but durable.

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