Wooden Crucifixes

Written by Kevin Little
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Wooden crucifixes are wonderful display pieces that are very elegant yet also very simple. These crucifixes are made from a number of different kinds of woods, and are designed around a variety of different Christ figures. These crucifixes are classy and beautiful no matter how one chooses to configure them.

Wooden crucifixes are generally made from either cherry, oak or, most commonly, walnut. Each of these woods has its own unique character. Walnut will be dark and chocolaty in color. Cherry will be even darker than walnut, yet will display reddish overtones. Oak lies on the other end of the color spectrum, exhibiting a light yellow color that at times almost approaches a grainy white.

No matter which wood you choose, you'll want to pay close attention to the figurine on the cross. These figures are made from a variety of different metals, such as silver, pewter and bronze. Some of the figures are even made of resin, which can then be painted by hand.

Searching for Wooden Crucifixes

Of course, not all kinds of wooden crucifixes will be available at a given store. Now that you have some idea of the features and choices involved in picking a crucifix, try checking online to see if a crucifix made from your favorite combination of materials can be found. Searching online for such an item will take much less time than driving out to a specialty store.

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