Celtic Bracelets

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic bracelets can be worn or given for many occasions. They represent a piece of Celtic history which can be very meaningful and inspirational. There are many different Celtic designs that can be used on bracelets and other forms of jewelry. You can find Celtic jewelry in Celtic gift or jewelry shops, or on the Internet.

Design Choices for Celtic Bracelets

The designs for Celtic bracelets are often Celtic symbols that have been used and acknowledged for thousands of years. Some of the symbols carry a powerful message or tell a great story. Therefore, Celtic jewelry is often given as a gift, since it can be so meaningful. You can choose from Celtic symbols such as knotwork, crosses, animal art, and spirals.

Each Celtic symbol has a different meaning. Most represent faith or love. Crosses surely represent faith and devotion in a religious sense. Knotwork represents everlasting love. The connecting knots in a never-ending design signify love that will last forever. Animal art and spirals serve more as magical and mystical symbols in the Celtic culture.

Celtic bracelets may be made from any type of jewelry material. Silver is currently the most popular material for bracelets. There was a time when gold was the only material used to make bracelets. Today you can use any material and even add inscriptions or extra jewels to the design. Many will have initials, names, or words inscribed onto bracelets and give them as personalized gifts.

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