Celtic Cross Jewelry

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic cross jewelry has been worn for years to acknowledge Celtic history. The true meaning of the Celtic cross has not been solidified. However, each person seems to have an idea of what he or she believes this emblem to mean. Regardless of its true meaning, the Celtic cross is an important part of history for Celtic culture and many other cultures and religions as well.

The Celtic cross may have different meanings for different people. Some believe it was originally a pagan symbol for the sun. A Catholic priest would say that the cross represents God's endless love through Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Some would even say that the Celtic cross is a phallic symbol. Whatever meaning you decide to believe in, the symbol can be used as a powerful form of expression and to show respect for Celtic history.

Wearing Celtic Cross Jewelry

Celtic cross jewelry has been used as a meaningful symbol for years. The symbol of the cross is ancient and by wearing it, you can show respect for Celtic faith, culture, and tradition. You can find the Celtic cross dangling from necklaces primarily, but they can also be found as symbols in the design of other types of jewelry.

You can find Celtic cross jewelry in various Celtic jewelry and gift shops. Most of these shops are found in Ireland, but they can also be found in the United States and many other locations around the world. If you are having trouble locating a Celtic jewelry shop, you may want to try searching online. Some jewelry websites will allow you to order jewelry directly from the website and you will be able to view pictures of jewelry options as well.

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