Celtic Crosses

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic crosses are an ancient symbol used as an emblem for the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. The cross is an emblem for many different cultures and religions. The Celtic cross specifically signifies faith and ethnic heritage for those who have a Celtic identity. Though the symbol is well-known, it is also mysterious because the real reason for its creation as an emblem is not known.

The Many Meanings of Celtic Crosses

One single explanation for the meaning of Celtic crosses does not exist. An Irish-Catholic priest may claim that the Celtic cross symbolizes Christ's sacrifice on the cross and God's endless love. On the other hand, some Celts may say that the cross is a phallic symbol in disguise. The true meaning has never been solidified, but the Celtic cross continues to be respected as a meaningful emblem in Celtic history.

In recent years, the interest in paganism in history has grown. Some say that the Celtic cross was originally a pagan symbol for the sun. The pagans worshipped the sun and some say this symbol was taken from them for use by Christians. You will often find explanations for this meaning or other meanings for the Celtic cross in Celtic jewelry stores.

Wearing Celtic jewelry is a great way to respect and acknowledge Celtic history. You can find crosses on different types of jewelry, or you can purchase necklaces with crosses dangling from the necklace strand. Celtic crosses may be made from any material, even bronze, silver, or wood. The most popular material for Celtic cross jewelry is gold, which is considered pure in form, just like the symbol of the cross.

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