Celtic Knot Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Americans are fascinated by Irish customs. St. Patrick's Day in March has become a very popular holiday with many hosting parties, the eating of Irish foods, and the giving of Irish gifts. Celtic knot rings are chosen by many as a meaningful, sentimental gift. Historical traditions are evident in the intricate designs that adorn these beautiful rings.

Shopping for Celtic Knot Rings

You can find Celtic jewelry in traditional jewelry stores or through online sources. The Internet provides a time-saving alternative with pictures of rings displayed in detail. Celtic knot rings are available in a variety of materials including gold, silver, and platinum. Guarantees and various payment options are available.

The knotwork on rings often copies historical designs which were displayed on Bible manuscripts and monuments dating back to the 7th century. However, some artists continue to create new knots and designs. One rule is that the knot strands must always alternate over and under. Also, the path of the strands must be endless, which is believed to represent eternity or continuum of life, love, or faith. The interlacing represents the crossing of physical and spiritual experience.

Celtic knot rings are perfect for many occasions. They are often worn as a symbol of religious faith. They are given as a gift to celebrate new life. Most often, they are given to a loved one as a symbol of eternal love. Many couples choose the intricate, sentimental designs for their wedding rings. The mysticism of ancient historical meaning is irresistible.

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