Celtic Pendants

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic pendants are a form of Celtic jewelry that you can purchase from many Irish jewelry or gift shops. These shops are most prevalent in Ireland, but can also be found in various locations all over the world. For maximum convenience, you may want to search for pendant options on the Internet. Then you can look at pictures of pendants and order directly from jewelry websites.

Designs of Celtic Pendants

Celtic pendants can be made from any material. They are most commonly made from gold, but silver is a popular alternative. Each pendant can be personalized with initials, words, jewels, or special designs. You can also choose to purchase a traditional design that is historical and meaningful to the Celtic culture.

A Celtic pendant will often use one of the many traditional Celtic designs. Some of these designs are thousands of years old and have stories or meanings that are associated with them. Popular design choices include spirals, knotwork, crosses, and animal art. Each of these designs has a certain meaning, so you can choose one that is appropriate for your situation.

The meanings of designs on a Celtic pendant can be very powerful. For instance, knotwork uses knots that connect in a never-ending pattern to represent true love that lasts forever. On the other hand, spirals were typically used on Dolmans and gravesites and their true meaning is not solidified. Regardless of the style you choose, Celtic pendants allow you to be a part of Celtic history and tradition.

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