Celtic Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic rings are commonly worn as accessories or as wedding bands to reflect Irish heritage and tradition. You do not have to be Irish to wear a ring with a Celtic design. Most people who purchase Celtic jewelry have a knowledge of and respect for Irish art and tradition. Some may simply prefer the artistic designs on the rings. For whatever reason you decide to wear a Celtic ring, it can make a vibrant visual statement.

Design Options for Celtic Rings

There are a few different designs that are frequently used on Celtic rings. Celtic interlace is a common type of design. The interlace may include knotwork, or an animal interlacing design. Claddagh rings are also very popular because of the legend and inspiration behind their design.

An interlacing design on a ring gives a never-ending effect. The continuous patterns reflect continuous love and faith. Therefore, interlace rings are very appropriate for weddings. They may be worn to show that love will last forever for the couple to be married. Interlacing designs may also include animals. The patterns are continuous around the ring, but certain sections of the design will branch out to reflect, tails, limbs, tongues, legs, etc. of animals.

Claddagh rings are a well-known design for Celtic rings. They were first created from gold in the mid-17th century, but can be made from other materials as well today. These rings can be worn on the right hand with the heart symbol facing outward if you are not spoken for. If you are in love or married, Claddagh rings are typically worn on the left hand, with the heart facing inward.

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