Celtic Wedding Ring Sets

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic wedding ring sets can be purchased for couples who desire to wear artistic and symbolic designs on their wedding rings. They are commonly purchased by those with Irish heritage, but may be purchased by any type of person from various jewelry shops. The easiest way to find an Irish wedding ring set is by searching for Celtic jewelry stores on the Internet.

Types of Celtic Wedding Ring Sets

Celtic wedding ring sets are available in various designs and materials. Gold is a traditional choice for a wedding ring, but silver is currently popular as well. You can add jewels to your ring if you desire and diamonds are the most popular type of jewels on wedding rings. By purchasing a set of wedding rings, you can be sure that the rings for you and your significant other will match in design, materials, and color.

Celtic wedding ring sets can have one of various types of Celtic designs. Some of the Celtic designs that are used on rings have been preserved for thousands of years. Common Celtic designs include spirals, knotwork, animal interlace, and the Claddagh ring design. Each of these designs has a specific meaning and most are very appropriate for wedding rings.

Knotwork and interlace rings have designs that connect and never end along the ring. These continuous designs reflect a love that will last forever. Claddagh rings symbolize strong feelings of loyalty, friendship, and love. These rings have specific symbols that tell the inspirational story behind the creation of their design. The original Claddagh ring was created in the town of Claddagh, Ireland and was named after the beautiful town and its people.

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