Celtic Wedding Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Celtic wedding rings are a great choice for those who would like a symbolic and artistic design for their wedding rings. The artwork on Celtic rings dates back thousands of years and has specific meanings. Most of the artwork used on Celtic rings reflects deeply-rooted and continuous feeling of love for another person.

Options of Designs for Celtic Wedding Rings

When choosing between different designs of Celtic wedding rings, you will have a few considerations to make. First, you should choose the material you would like to use for your ring. Silver is a popular choice currently, but gold is more traditional. After you choose the material, you can choose a design based on its meaning or appearance.

The two most popular designs for Celtic wedding rings are Claddagh and interlace. Claddagh rings were created in the 17th century and can be worn as friendship rings, promise rings, or as wedding rings, depending on how you wear them. If you are not spoken for, they are to be worn on the right hand. If you are married, the Claddagh ring must be worn on the left hand, with the heart symbol facing inward.

The designs for interlace rings have been recognized and used for thousands of years. Animal interlace is frequently used on rings that are not associated with weddings. For wedding rings, knotwork interlace is commonly used. The knots in this design connect and are never-ending across the ring. This design reflects a continuous love that will last forever, so it is commonly used for wedding rings.

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