Claddagh Wedding Bands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Claddagh wedding bands are commonly worn to reflect a popular Irish legend and tradition. The design of Claddagh rings dates back to the mid-17th century. The first Claddagh ring was created by a man named Richard Joyce. Joyce gave his ring to his wife, Mary after overcoming various struggles and misfortunes.

The Meaning of Claddagh Wedding Bands

Many wear Claddagh wedding bands as a powerful symbol of love and loyalty. Richard Joyce created the Claddagh ring to show appreciation for his loved ones. He created it in his home town of Claddaugh, Ireland. Because Joyce was so fond of this town and the people who lived there, the ring was named after the town of Claddagh.

Richard Joyce had to endure many struggles before he was inspired to create the Claddagh ring. He was sold into slavery and worked as a goldsmith for many years while he was a slave. Eventually, Joyce was allowed to return to his loved ones. He was overcome with joy and used his knowledge of precious metals to create a ring. The ring was a tribute to the people who helped him and waited for him. It was also dedicated to his new wife in the spirit of true love and this inspired the use of Claddagh rings as wedding bands.

Claddagh wedding bands can be found in various Celtic jewelry shops around the world. You can also find them easily by searching online. The original Claddagh ring was made from pure gold. Today, other precious gems can be added to the design. Many will add diamonds or will even design Claddagh rings from silver. Though the materials used to make Claddagh rings have changed, the design remains the same as when the ring was created.

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