Claddaugh Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Claddaugh rings are worn to represent a well-known Irish tradition. They can be worn by anyone, regardless of status. If you are not married, these rings are worn on the right hand, with the heart facing outward. This symbolizes that your heart is open to new love. If you are married, the ring must be worn on the left hand with the heart facing inward. This symbolizes that your heart is taken in deep love or marriage.

You can find Claddaugh rings at various jewelry shops, especially Celtic jewelry shops. These shops are located all over the world. Anyone can wear these rings, even if they do not have any Irish ancestry. The most convenient way to find a Claddaugh ring is to search online.

The Story of Claddaugh Rings

Claddaugh rings were first created in the town of Claddaugh, Ireland. They were designed to represent friendship, love, and loyalty. Richard Joyce created the first Claddaugh ring and gave it to his wife, Mary. Since this time, Claddaugh ring design has been popular, especially for wedding bands.

Richard Joyce created the Claddaugh ring in tribute of his wife, those who helped him, and those who waited for him. Joyce went through difficult times after he was captured and sold into slavery in the mid-17th century. He was able to return to his home town of Claddaugh, after many years. The joy he felt when he returned to Claddaugh inspired Joyce to create the first Claddaugh ring and it was named after the town he loved so dearly.

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