Cladder Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Cladder rings are designed to reflect a popular Irish legend. These rings were originally created in the 17th century. The inspirational story behind the first Cladder ring has allowed for the design of the ring to be preserved. Today, these rings are commonly used for wedding bands and they may also be worn if you are not married.

The Development of Cladder Rings

Cladder rings may also be known as Claddah or Claddagh rings. Because the story of these rings is frequently told by mouth, the correct spelling of the ring is often lost. In truth, Cladder rings should be spelled as Claddagh rings. The rings were named after the town of Claddagh, where they were originally created.

Claddagh rings continue to be popular because of the legend that is associated with them. The legend began with a man named Richard Joyce. In the 17th century, Joyce was captured and sold into slavery. He learned to goldsmith while he was a slave. A generous pardon allowed Joyce to return home after a lengthy amount of time.

When Richard Joyce returned to his home town of Claddagh, he was overwhelmed with appreciation. Joyce was inspired by the people who helped him to return home and to the friends who waited patiently for him. Joyce also fell in love with a woman named Mary. In the spirit of love, friendship, and loyalty, Joyce designed the first Claddagh ring and gave it to Mary in marriage. Since that time, Claddagh rings have been worn by many in marriage and to represent Irish tradition.

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