Friendship Jewelry

Written by Jill Morrison
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Friendship jewelry can be given to a person who is well-appreciated and adored. Jewelry is often given to show that you care or to say thanks for kind deeds or actions. Any type of jewelry may be used to reflect friendship, but some designs are more appropriate than others. Most jewelry that reflects friendship is simple in design and materials.

Choosing Friendship Jewelry

Friendship jewelry can be found in a variety of jewelry stores since friendship designs are not specific. If you were purchasing a specific type of jewelry, such as a wedding ring, your choices would be limited to specific designs. Plus, in the case of marriage, rings will typically follow a certain shape and will almost always include diamonds into the design. With friendship rings, you could choose nearly any design and it would likely be appropriate for a friend.

Friendship jewelry may include rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, crosses, earrings, brooches, or even cufflinks. Necklaces and rings are the most common choice of jewelry for friendship. When giving jewelry to a friend, you should choose a simple design. Jewelry made from silver is commonly used for friendship. You can purchase jewelry with gems in the design, but you may want to stay away from diamonds since they are commonly associated with marriage.

Celtic designs are very popular for jewelry that you could give to a friend. Most Celtic designs are very symbolic and you can reveal your feelings for a friend through the design you choose. For instance, Claddagh rings can be used as friendship rings because they were designed to show appreciation for friends and people who had helped the creator of the ring. Because this ring design has lasted for centuries, the story of its creation has become a meaningful Irish legend.

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