Gold Diamond Claddagh Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Gold diamond Claddagh rings are most often worn to represent marriage. They are also worn to show feelings of friendship, loyalty, love, and inspiration. The story behind these rings is, in fact, quite inspirational. Because of the Irish legend of the Claddagh ring, the design is still used today to create rings with great meaning.

The Meaning of Gold Diamond Claddagh Rings

Gold diamond Claddagh rings represent tradition and unity. Because the first Claddagh ring was given in marriage, they are most commonly worn for this reason. Claddagh rings may also be worn by those who are not yet married. In this case, the ring should be worn on the right hand, instead of the left, with the heart symbol facing outward.

Gold diamond Claddagh rings are a newer development in the design of Claddagh rings. The original Claddagh rings were made only from gold. After many years, diamonds were added to the design of some Claddagh rings. Diamonds are commonly associated with marriage and wedding rings, so it was an appropriate addition to Claddagh wedding bands. Some Claddagh rings are made from other materials besides gold as well. Silver is a popular, alternative choice of material for a Claddagh ring.

Claddagh rings have been worn for centuries. The first Claddagh ring was created by a man named Richard Joyce. Joyce was captured and sold into slavery. After many years, he was granted the opportunity to return to his loved ones. When Joyce returned home, he was inspired to create the gold Claddagh ring. The ring was named after his home town of Claddagh where his heart always was. His inspirational story continues to be told and perpetuates the existence of Claddagh rings today.

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