Irish Friendship Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Irish friendship rings are very meaningful and have been used frequently in Irish history. Giving a ring to a friend is an Irish tradition that shows how much you appreciate that friend. Many of the designs for friendship rings have persisted for centuries. Some of the designs reflect specific Irish friendship stories or legends as well.

Characteristics of Irish Friendship Rings

Irish friendship rings can be given to anyone who has shown great loyalty and friendship. They are a tool for showing appreciation for a person and all that he or she has done in your life. Some friendship rings can be used for different purposes. For instance, Claddagh rings may be used as a friendship ring if they are worn on the right hand. However, if they are worn on the left hand they will reflect love and/or marriage.

Before you purchase an Irish friendship ring, you should carefully investigate the meanings of different Irish ring designs. Since each Irish design has a meaning, you may want to choose a ring that is appropriate for the person who will be wearing it. You should also make sure that it is worn in the proper fashion because rings will take on new meanings depending on which hand they rest upon.

Irish friendship rings may be made from one of many materials. They are usually simple and do not include jewels such as diamonds. Many friendship rings are made from either silver or gold. In the past, gold rings were the most common choice, but today, gold seems to be associated with marriage more than friendship. Therefore, silver is currently the most popular choice for an Irish friendship ring.

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