Irish Jewelry

Written by Jill Morrison
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Irish jewelry has very distinct and intricate designs. There are many different symbols and patterns that may be used on this type of jewelry. Almost all of the designs date back thousands of years and have a special meaning. Some of the symbols that are common for Irish designs on jewelry are spirals, interlacing knots, animal art, and symbols of love, faith, or devotion.

Types of Irish Jewelry

There are many different types of Irish jewelry and each design carries a certain meaning. Most of the Celtic designs reflect feelings of love, but some may represent faith, loyalty, grief, heritage, or may tell a story. Celtic jewelry was originally only made from gold. Today, silver is a popular alternative for a jewelry material. You can also add jewels such as diamonds, especially if the jewelry is for marriage.

You can find Irish designs on nearly any type of jewelry. These designs can be found on necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, earrings, and especially rings. Irish rings are available in many different styles and are very significant for love and marriage. You may find styles such as interlacing knotwork on Irish wedding rings. The continuous connecting knots represent everlasting love.

The Claddagh ring is another example of a meaningful Irish jewelry design. The design of the ring was created in the 17th century and represents a well-known Irish legend. The ring was originally created to represent loyalty, friendship, and love. It can be worn whether or not you have found your true love, but the Claddagh ring is most commonly worn as a wedding band.

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