Irish Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Irish rings have unique designs and each design has a specific meaning. The designs are often busy or will contain various symbols. Each symbol on an Irish ring may reflect a certain feeling or action; yet most of the designs reflect deep feelings of love. Therefore, Irish rings are commonly given as promise rings or wedding rings.

Types of Irish Rings

Various designs of Irish rings are available for multiple purposes. Some rings can be worn as a decorative piece or as a wedding ring, depending on how you wear the ring. For instance, Claddagh rings show that you are spoken for or married when you wear them on your left hand, with the heart facing inward. If you wear the same ring on your right hand, with the heart symbol facing outward, you will show that you are not spoken for.

Irish ring designs are often taken from old Celtic artwork. Some of the symbols and designs used on Celtic rings are over 5,000 years old. Each design has a specific meaning and most of the designs have a busy pattern as well. Interlace is one of the most well-known types of Irish designs for rings. You can choose from knotwork interlace or animal interlace for your ring.

Knotwork interlace connects a continuous series of knots along the ring. This continuous design reflects a love or faith that will last forever. For this reason, knotwork designs are most commonly used for wedding bands. Animal interlace rings are often worn as an accessory, rather than as a wedding ring. The animal may be interlaced with other designs or symbols, such as tree branches, for this design.

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