Irish Wedding Bands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Irish wedding bands are most commonly worn by those with Irish heritage. However, these rings are not limited to use by the Irish. Many different types of people choose Irish designs for their wedding rings because of the meaning behind their designs. Celtic designs are often beautiful and highly symbolic. Because most of the designs reflect deep and continuous love, they are commonly used for wedding bands.

Choosing Irish Wedding Bands

When you are choosing from Irish wedding bands, you have a few important considerations to make. First of all, you must decide whether or not you will use gold, silver, diamonds, or other materials for your wedding band. Gold has been a popular choice for years and reflects great Irish tradition for rings. Silver is currently popular for wedding bands as well.

After you have chosen a material for your ring, you must decide on its design. Irish wedding bands tend to be wider than most wedding bands and will have busy patterns in their design. Interlace is a common theme for Irish ring designs. Knotwork interlace connects a variety of knots continuously around the ring. This design shows that you believe your love will last forever.

The Claddagh ring is another type of Irish ring that may be used for a wedding band. This ring can also be used as a promise ring or a friendship ring, depending on how it is worn. The Claddagh rings are typically not as thick and wide as interlace rings. However, they do have a variety of symbols on the ring, including a heart, crown, cuffs, and hands.

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