Irish Wedding Gifts

Written by Jill Morrison
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If you are having trouble deciding on a unique and meaningful wedding gift, you may want to consider Irish wedding gifts. Irish gifts often carry special meanings or tell stories of Irish history and legends. In fact, many of the designs that are used on Irish gifts today are over 5,000 years old.

Options for Irish Wedding Gifts

Many different products can be used as Irish wedding gifts. You can purchase clocks, centerpieces, books, artwork, statuettes, wine holders, candle holders, furniture, pottery, mirrors, and more with historical Celtic designs. Irish jewelry is very popular to give for weddings and other special occasions. Most Irish jewelry is made from either gold or silver.

Irish jewelry and other items often use distinct and intricate Celtic designs. For example, knotwork is a Celtic design that has been used for thousands of years. The design connects many different knots into a never-ending pattern. Knotwork represents faith or love that never ends, just like the never-ending knots. So gifts with knotwork are very appropriate for weddings and for wishing the newly married couple continuous love and happiness.

The luck of the Irish is a well-known legend. There is even a holiday that celebrates Irish luck and heritage, and that is the well-known St. Patrick's Day. Sometimes, people will purchase Irish items of luck for Irish wedding gifts. The purpose of these gifts is to wish the new couple luck in their many years of marriage.

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