Irish Wedding Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Irish wedding rings can be worn to show respect for Irish tradition and to reflect deep love in marriage. The designs for Irish rings are taken from Celtic artwork that has been preserved for thousands of years. Each Celtic design has a specific meaning and most of the designs reflect love in some form. Therefore, Irish artwork is appropriate for the design of wedding rings.

There are a few different designs that are commonly used for Irish wedding rings. Claddagh rings are a popular choice because there is an inspirational story behind their creation. A man named Richard Joyce was reunited with his friends and family after spending years as a slave. He created the Claddagh ring to show his appreciation for the people who were loyal and helpful to him, including his wife, Mary. Because of his amazing story, the design of the Claddagh ring continues to be popular for wedding rings.

Finding Irish Wedding Rings

You can find Irish wedding rings from various types of jewelry stores. Of course, the most logical choice is a Celtic jewelry store. These stores often have the best selection of Irish wedding, friendship, and promise rings. Depending on where you live, a Celtic jewelry store may not be located nearby. The best option for finding Celtic jewelry is by searching online.

Once you have located a good jewelry store, you can choose from various designs and materials for your wedding ring. Gold is the most traditional choice of material and silver is currently a popular choice as well. You can also find a design that you enjoy and that is symbolic of the relationship you have.

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