Ogham Jewelry

Written by Jill Morrison
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Ogham jewelry may also be known as Celtic jewelry. Ogham could refer to one of many meanings, including a group of sacred trees, a calendar of thirteen months, a Druid hand-signing system, or a system of divination for Celtic pagans. Most of the time, Ogham refers to a 25 character alphabet used in Ireland and Britain.

The creation of the Ogham alphabet was inspired by the god of eloquence, Ogma. It was used in the 5th century in Ireland to carve inscriptions in wood or stone. This alphabet was read from bottom to top. Each of the letters in the alphabet was also a name for a tree.

The Creation of Ogham Jewelry

Ogham jewelry and other Ogham items were created to remember and celebrate Celtic history. Using the Ogham alphabet or related symbols can be very meaningful if you have Irish heritage. Even if are not associated with the culture, many enjoy purchasing Ogham items as a way of showing respect and admiration for Irish history and tradition.

The Ogham alphabet is known as a magical and mystical form of communication. Though there is no evidence that its purposes were for magic or for divination, many feel that it was indeed magical. Wearing Ogham jewelry is inspiring and exciting to many. The jewelry makes a great gift as well, since it is so meaningful and historical.

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