Silver Claddagh Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Silver Claddagh rings are consistently growing in popularity. The original Claddagh rings were made from gold. Today Claddagh rings can be made from other materials; silver is one of the most popular choices. You can also have precious gems added to your ring. Diamonds are often added to Claddagh rings when they are worn as wedding rings.

The Development of Silver Claddagh Rings

Silver Claddagh rings have the same design as gold Claddagh rings. They are simply made from silver instead. The design of the Claddagh ring includes specific symbols, including cuffs, a crown, and hands reaching toward a heart. Each of these symbols represents a specific portion of the story behind the creation of the Claddagh ring.

The Claddagh ring was first created by a man named Richard Joyce in the 17th century. After long stuggles as a slave, Joyce was granted a pardon to return to his friends and family in Claddagh. He was so overjoyed that he deiced to make a ring that would represent his feelings. Most of all, the ring represents how ordinary people can overcome impossible odds. His story inspired the tradition of wearing Claddagh rings for centuries after his time.

Richard Joyce made his Claddagh ring from gold and Claddagh rings were only made from gold for many years. Today, silver Claddagh rings have become more popular than gold because silver is currently more fashionable. Claddagh rings are very popular as wedding rings, but are not limited to those who are married.

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