Accutron By Bulova

Written by Diane Sievert
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Accutron by Bulova became a household name in the 1960s for being the first wristwatch to use tuning fork technology. Now a collector's item, these watches are worth a great deal of money. In fact, there are several die-hard fans that refuse to wear anything else.

The History of Accutron by Bulova

Bulova began work on Accutron watches in 1953 under the guidance of Max Hetzel, the man who is commonly referred to as the inventor of the Accutron watch. Max Hetzel was the first to make use of the tuning fork concept that had been previously developed for clocks. This tuning fork technology had been introduced in order to better the time-keeping standard and Hetzel was eager to employ this design in wristwatches.

After several years of research and experimentation, the Accutron by Bulova watches were introduced to the public in the 1960s. Admired for their beauty and efficiency, Accutron watches quickly became a favorite among well-to-do families and professionals. Those who wanted a watch that kept perfect time knew that an Accutron watch was the answer.

However, as wristwatch technology continued to advance, the tuning fork concept was eventually discarded and Bulova turned their attention to other designs. Though they still manufacture Accutron by Bulova watches, these watches do not use the tuning fork technology that distinguished the first Accutron by Bulova watches. The Accutron by Bulova watches produced today are simply a different style of Bulova watch.

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