Amethyst And Diamond Rings

Written by Diane Sievert
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Amethyst and diamond rings offer a great combination of stones, especially for those who love the color purple. What could be more beautiful than a lovely amethyst, perfectly cut, surrounded by a bevy of gleaming diamonds? If you've been hesitant to consider amethyst and diamond rings, hesitate no more--take a look at what's out there and you're sure to be impressed.

Why Consider Amethyst and Diamond Rings?

Since amethyst is less rare than gem stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires, it does not cost as much. I suppose that means that those people, like me, who prefer the color purple and love the deep violets and light lavenders in which amethysts occur get a bit of break when it comes time to buy jewelry. And if the amethyst is cut correctly, it will sparkle like any other gem stone.

As the demand for amethyst and diamond rings has begun to grow, jewelers are responding and creating all kinds of pleasing designs. One of the most common is to set a beautifully cut amethyst in the center of the ring and surround it with smaller diamonds. Since amethyst is reasonably priced, you can afford a great, big beautiful stone and skimp on the tiny little diamonds that surround it--diamonds set in a cluster design are usually less expensive anyway since they're smaller and tend to have more imperfections (which to the naked eye are imperceptible).

Another popular design for amethyst and diamond rings is the eternity band concept. Diamonds and amethyst are set (one after the other) within two bands of metal--I think platinum or silver works best with amethyst, but whatever you want can be had. And remember, the aforementioned designs are only two of the most common; jewelers have come up with all kinds of interesting ring concepts and at least one of those designs is sure to catch your eye.

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