Certified Diamond Earrings

Written by Liza Hartung
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Anyone buying diamond earrings needs to make sure he or she gets certified diamond earrings. Consider this the birth certificate of your diamond. If a person doesn't have a birth certificate, a number of things can happen. Anyone can claim to be your parents. You won't be able to trace any diseases or disorders for testing or medical purposes. You can't even prove you exist, let alone get a driver's license. In short, your life would almost be unlivable.

It is a very similar situation with diamonds. You can get your diamonds without a certificate, but then you never know the authenticity of them. Some of you may be wondering what a certificate is exactly. It is a blueprint of your diamond. It's all the statistics. It states measurements, weight, quality and contains details of the cut. A certificate does not state any monetary value of the diamond.

Certified diamond earrings say, in writing, that everything you said you were buying and the dealer told you that you were buying, is true. If you buy a diamond that you think is one carat, VS1, and an F color rating, but you don't get a certificate, you could be seriously out of luck. Unless you are a dealer or have spent a lot of time with diamonds, you may not know the difference between cubic zirconium and diamonds.

Getting Certified Diamond Earrings

In order for you to know that your certificate is real and dependable, it should be from a GIA Graduate Gemologist. The Gemological Institute of America is the world's leading authority on diamond quality rating. Many reliable labs use GIA Graduate gemologists, such as AGS, IGI, EGL and American Gemlab.

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