Designer Watches

Written by Diane Sievert
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Designer watches are a wise investment if you plan on making your mark as a well-dressed man or woman. Expensive jewels are best for catching people's eyes, but they may not be appropriate for the office or lunch dates; for instance, tiaras usually don't fit with sharp looking pantsuits. Designer watches, on the other hand, will add just that little bit of extra pizzazz that you need to perk up your everyday look.

Designer Watches as Fashion Statements

Imagine the following situation: you've been called back for that second interview and are now having lunch with a person who could be your new supervisor. At some point during the interview, he or she asks you the time and you ever so suavely put down your silverware, push up your sleeve, take a look at your watch and tell him or her the time. If the future supervisor is a fashion savvy person, he or she will most likely notice your watch.

This is a perfect opportunity to impress or disappoint said supervisor. If you ever so subtly flash a quality watch (like a Bulova or Charles Hubert watch), it could complete the sharp, professional image you've tried so hard to perfect; if you're wearing a Little Mermaid watch with a frayed pink leather band or some kind of sports watch, it will not reflect well on you. As you can see, investing in designer watches is money well spent.

Another reason to consider buying a designer watch is the reputation certain designer watches have for premium craftsmanship. A cheap watch is less likely to keep good time and the materials (i.e. leather on the band, parts in the watch, etc.) can fall apart quite easily. And since designer watches cost more, they usually come with a warranty; that way if there is a problem, it will be fixed at no cost to you!

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