Diamond Bracelets

Written by Diane Sievert
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Shopping for diamond bracelets is a pleasurable experience if you know what it is you want in a bracelet. All too often people start browsing and then find themselves totally overwhelmed by all the options available. Diamond bracelets come in all types of colors, metals, and designs, so doing some research before you start looking can make the shopping process a little bit easier.

The Most Common Types of Diamond Bracelets

The tennis bracelet style is far and away the most popular kind of diamond bracelet. Tennis bracelets are constructed out of numerous links which give the bracelet its free-form fit. Diamond tennis bracelets will have multiple diamonds linked together to make a bracelet that will take your breath away.

Diamond bracelets also come in bangle form. A bangle bracelet is a firm oval constructed out of metal (i.e. platinum, gold, silver, etc.) which is then lined with tiny little gem stones. If the diamonds are tiny, the bracelet will cost less; however, bangle bracelets usually look best when they're stacked on top of one another, which means you'll have to buy several in order to complete the look.

So, tennis bracelets and bangle bracelets are the most common types of diamond bracelet, but they aren't the only ones. Today's jewelers can get quite creative so you're bound to find other styles available. If you know you want something a little more unusual, ask your jeweler what kind of selection he has outside the bangle and tennis bracelet arena.

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