Diamond Chains

Written by Jill Morrison
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Diamond chains may not necessarily imply chains that are made of diamonds. Most necklace and bracelet chains are made from precious metals, such as gold, sterling silver, or platinum. Chains may also string gems or pearls together. Some chains can be made from precious metals and may have diamonds set into the chain, others may simply be chains that are diamond cut.

Uses for Diamond Chains

There are many options of diamond chains that you may consider. Chains are most commonly purchased for necklaces. Chains can be worn on their own, or you can attach a pendant, tags, beads, or gemstones to any chain. These additional items can be fixed on a necklace chain, or they can be strung on a chain so they can slide around.

Many people consider diamond chains to be precious metal chains with a diamond pendant attached to the chain. You can choose from a variety of diamond pendants and chain styles for a gift or to wear personally. Chain options include rope, boxes, beads, cable, circles, snake, knots, and mesh. You may want to match the type of metal on the chain to the type of metal that holds the diamond on your pendant.

There are three main lengths of chains that can be used as necklaces. The smallest length is the 16 in. choker length. This length rests just above the collarbone. The next length is the 18 in. princess length. This is the most common length and it hangs over the collarbone. The largest and most dramatic length is the 24 in. opera length. These chains are designed to hang over a blouse or dress.

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