Diamond Engagement Ring Sets

Written by Jill Morrison
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Diamond engagement ring sets allow you to purchase an engagement ring and matching wedding bands at one time. You may be able to find special deals when you purchase all of these rings at once. You can find these engagement ring sets in various jewelry stores or online. Whether you are shopping in stores or on the Internet, make sure to look for certification before making any diamond ring purchases.

Options of Diamond Engagement Ring Sets

Diamond engagement ring sets will often provide you with three rings that match in style and materials. The engagement ring and wedding bands in sets will often be made from one precious metal, such as yellow gold, silver, white gold, or platinum. Sets may also have similar designs or ring shapes as well.

Sometimes, engagement rings in ring sets are designed to fit with wedding bands. These rings allow you to wear both your wedding ring and engagement ring together on your left ring finger. After the wedding ceremony is complete, you can choose to simply wear your rings together, or to have the two rings welded together into one ring. The wedding band should be on the inside of the engagement ring because it is closest to your heart.

There are many different styles to choose from for diamond engagement ring sets. You can choose a simple, classic design or a more elaborate design with a thicker band. You can also choose from various shapes and sizes of diamonds. The round cut and the princess cut are the two most popular choices of diamond shapes and solitaire is the most popular style for engagement rings.

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