Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Written by Jill Morrison
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The engagement ring is often considered the most treasured, valuable piece of jewelry a woman will own. Therefore, diamond engagement ring settings must be selected carefully so that the ring will satisfy the recipient for a lifetime. Today, diamonds are the world's symbol of love. In the right setting, they create a brilliant, sparkling display sure to create awe and excitement.

Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Solitaire is the most popular of the diamond engagement ring settings. Prongs hold a center diamond in place so that it will catch the most light. If four prongs are used, more of the diamond shows. If six prongs are used, the diamond will be more secure. Side stones may be added to a center diamond to add sparkle or color. Varying effects may be achieved by choosing different cuts of diamonds. Some of those available are round, oval, princess, and baguette.

Many diamond engagement ring settings offer matching wedding bands. This is advisable if the two rings are going to be worn on the same hand. They often fit together to form an impressive pattern. The most popular metal for engagement rings is 18k gold. It is considered classic. A choice gaining in popularity today is platinum, which is the strongest, most pure metal.

Other popular settings are cluster, which surrounds the center stone with smaller stones, and bezel, which has a rim that surrounds the stone. The illusion setting surrounds the stone with metal, usually in an intricate pattern. Remember that personal preference is of utmost importance when selecting an engagement ring.

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