Diamond Pendants

Written by Diane Sievert
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Diamond pendants have long been an affordable means of making diamond necklaces part of every woman's wardrobe. After all, not all of us can pay for those huge, exquisite pieces that use thousands of glittering diamonds in intricate patterns. Diamond pendants allow the rest of us to dress up our wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Diamond Pendants for the Everyday Woman

One of the absolute best things about diamond pendants is the selection available--most jewelers offer pendants that run from five hundred to several thousand dollars! The big difference in price is generally due to the size, clarity and color of the diamonds in question. For example, a simple diamond pendant that features nothing more than a rather small, but decent quality single diamond should be reasonably affordable.

However, there's no need to think small! If your budget allows for it, you can definitely get a more impressive pendant. 3 stone pendants, for instance, feature three separate diamonds--they're usually set vertically in order of smallest to largest--for a more dramatic look.

When it comes time to shop for diamond pendants, the metal setting is another area where you'll have wiggle room. Platinum is obviously the most expensive choice when it comes to the setting and silver is the least expensive. If you'd rather splurge on the diamonds, consider getting the setting done in silver instead of platinum or gold.

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