Diamond Pendants

Written by Jill Morrison
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Diamond pendants are typically worn as necklaces. The pendant you choose will be attached to the type and length of chain that you choose as well. Most people will purchase a chain that complements or matches the pendant in some way. Pendant necklaces make great gifts for a variety of special occasions.

Choices of Diamond Pendants

There are many different types of diamond pendants and necklace chains that you can purchase. Some popular choices include solitaire pendants, heart pendants, fashion pendants, and cross pendants. You can choose a pendant according to the purpose of the pendant. For example, if you are giving a pendant to your significant other, you may want to choose a heart pendant to show your love.

Solitaire pendants are always in fashion because they are simple, elegant, and classic in design. Fashion pendants may have tags, decorative beads, or gemstones and they are usually strung so they can slide around on a chain. Cross pendants are very popular for religious gifts. They are a great way to show your beliefs and to also be in style.

You may choose from three lengths of chains for diamond pendants. The smallest size is 16 in. collar length and it allows the pendant to rest just above the collarbone. You can also choose an 18 in. princess chain so that the pendant will hang over the collarbone. The most dramatic length is the 24 in. opera chain which usually hangs over a blouse or dress.

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