Diamond Ring Sets

Written by Jill Morrison
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Diamond ring sets allow you to purchase matching wedding bands or engagement rings at one time. You can purchase wedding bands in sets for the bride and groom. They may be different sizes and widths, but these sets will often include the same types of diamonds and the same precious metal settings. You can also purchase engagement ring sets that match and fit with wedding bands.

Choosing Diamond Ring Sets

Diamond ring sets can be purchased from jewelers in stores or online. You may want to visit a showroom to view diamonds before making any purchases. Jewelers should let you view diamonds through a loop to look for any imperfections. Jewelers should also allow you to compare diamonds to color charts to determine their worth. Though you will have the advantage of seeing diamonds in person at a jewelry store, you are more likely to find the best prices for diamond rings online.

You can choose to purchase preset diamond ring sets, or to purchase your rings and loose diamonds separately. You will be able to examine the quality of diamonds more accurately if you purchase them separately from your ring sets. Ring sets may be made from matching materials, such as silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum and will leave a place for diamonds to be set in the rings.

When purchasing wedding ring sets, you may want to find sets that will fit with your engagement ring. Some people will wear the engagement ring and the wedding band together on their left ring finger, but the two rings remain separate from each other. You can also choose to have the wedding band and engagement band welded together after the wedding ceremony.

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