Diamond Ring Settings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Some people choose preset rings for various reasons. Others choose the diamonds and the settings separately. Preset rings may be purchased quickly and leave no doubt about the look of the finished product. Purchasing diamonds separately allows closer inspection of the diamonds for color, clarity, and cut. Separate diamond ring settings are the best way to customize a ring.

Choices for Diamond Ring Settings

Settings have improved since the 1870s, when diamonds first became available to the public. Today, they showcase the diamonds to their best advantage. Personal preference is the most important consideration since diamond rings are often worn for a lifetime. Some of the most popular metals used for rings are sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

A variety of diamond ring settings provide dramatic results with stones appearing large, brilliant, and eye-catching. The most popular setting is prong. Diamonds are secured with four or six claws which allow light to enter the stone from all angles. The prongs are tiny so that more of the stone is visible, making it appear larger. This setting makes it easier to clean the diamond. It is also less expensive than many other settings.

Other options for diamond ring settings include illusion, which surrounds the diamond with intricate metal to make it appear larger. The cluster setting surrounds the diamond with several smaller stones, again creating a larger-appearing diamond. Channel, bar, and bezel settings are also widely used in both contemporary and classic rings.

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