Diamond Single Studs

Written by Liza Hartung
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Diamond single studs are the perfect pieces of simplistic beauty. There is nothing overbearing about these earrings. They aren't complicated or noisy. If they were a person, they would be that guy or girl in the corner who doesn't say much, but you can't stop staring at. Diamond studs compliment any outfit and any face. They never detract. You could be wearing all black, a cornucopia of colors or a diamond dress and these earrings would look perfect.

Perhaps this is why so many stars are seen wearing diamond single studs. From the red carpet to the grocery stores, stars have been photographed with the most dazzling diamond studs. For all the attacks that stars receive on their clothing and accessories, you never hear a single bad comment on diamond studs. From babies to grandparents, diamond studs look great on everyone.

Certified Diamond Single Studs

When you purchase your diamond earrings, you want to make sure they are certified. This is a certificate with all the statistics of your earrings. It will have the measurement, weight, cut details and quality. The certificate does not state a monetary value, but serves to prove the authenticity of the diamond. If your dealer does not offer certified diamonds, you need to go somewhere else.

The certificates for diamond single studs should come from a qualified Gemlab. The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA is the world's leading authority on diamond grading. Labs such as AGS, IGI, EGL and American Gemlab use GIA Graduate Gemologists. If your dealer has certificates from another source, this does not mean he or she is a phony. However, it is important that you check the credentials of where the certificate comes from.

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