Diamond Watches

Written by Jill Morrison
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Watches have a unique ability to combine function with decoration. Many use them for utilitarian purposes without considering appearance. But for most people, style and beauty are a major consideration. Diamond watches are elegant pieces of jewelry that will dress up an outfit. They provide sparkle and admiration with the added benefit of keeping time.

Styles of Diamond Watches

Watch styles are similar to bracelets with the addition of a clock face. Features to look for in timepieces are quartz movement and water resistance. Straps may be stretchy or use a clasp closure. Some of the materials available are leather, alligator, gold, platinum, and jewel. Diamonds may be added to any watch style, on the band or on the face.

Some diamond watches have diamonds for the hour markers. Another option is to have a diamond on each corner of a square or rectangular face. At a higher price range, diamonds may completely frame the face or decorate large areas on each side of the face. Watch bands or straps may use diamonds. The most ornate watches have bands consisting completely of diamonds. One example would be three rows of princess cut baguette diamonds.

Other options would include diamond watches with gold link bands. Diamonds are set into the gold in a pattern. This provides a smooth and sophisticated look. In some cases, watches are adorned with diamonds on both the face and the band, creating a dressy piece of jewelry appropriate for formal occasions.

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