Diamond Wedding Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Diamond wedding rings are the most meaningful type of gift you could give to the person you love. The marriage process begins with a diamond engagement ring because it signifies the acceptance of a marriage proposal. Engagement rings are usually worn on the left ring finger throughout the engagement period and throughout marriage. However, some women will choose to wear the wedding band on their left hand and the engagement ring on their right hand during marriage.

Diamond wedding rings or bands are a symbol of marriage and are placed on the hands of the bride and groom at the actual wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, wedding rings should be worn continuously by both the man and woman on their left ring fingers to show their commitment to each other. The left ring finger was initially chosen because it was believed that the vein in that finger led straight to the heart. Modern medicine has proven this notion to be false, but the tradition has survived to this day.

Differences between Diamond Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands

Diamond wedding rings and bands are both appropriate styles of rings to signify marriage. Wedding bands are more popular for men, but women often choose band styles that fit with their engagement rings. Women may choose to have their wedding bands welded together with their engagement rings to form one ring, if they desire. Many women will wear their engagement rings on the same finger as their wedding bands without welding them together as well.

Wedding bands became popular for men at the time of World War II. Bands are more appropriate for men because they are completely different than the style of engagement rings which are worn by women. Wedding bands are flat and make a complete circle around the finger. They are made from precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum and may or may not include some diamonds set into the ring. Because they are never-ending, they symbolize a love that lasts forever. Diamond engagement or diamond wedding rings are also circular, but they display a large diamond that protrudes from one side of the ring.

Purchasing Loose Diamonds

When looking at diamond wedding rings, you can choose from a preset ring, or you can purchase loose diamonds separately from your ring setting. By purchasing loose diamonds, you will be able to more accurately determine the quality of particular diamonds. Diamond quality is determined by the Four Cs which are cut, clarity, color, and carat. Cut refers to the proportions and shape of a diamond, clarity reveals the number of imperfections in a diamond, color measures how close a diamond is to being colorless, and carat refers to the weight of a diamond. When purchasing loose diamonds, make sure to ask for certification of quality ratings for any diamond that interests you.

Other Diamond Jewelry Options

There are many other options of diamond jewelry available besides diamond wedding rings. Most types of diamond jewelry make wonderful gifts for any special occasion. You can choose from diamond jewelry options such as diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and watches. Diamonds are usually given to signify love, but they may also be given to family members or special friends for momentous occasions.

When you are planning a wedding, you will need to consider different types of wedding jewelry besides the diamond wedding rings. A wedding day is a time for the bride to shine and diamond jewels will add sparkle and life to her appearance. You can choose diamond earrings and a necklace that will compliment the wedding gown that she is wearing. You may also want to purchase additional jewelry items with diamonds, such as a bracelet, tiara, hair clip, or veil adorned with diamonds.

Diamond necklaces and pendants are popular gift items for a variety of occasions. You can choose from many different precious metal choices for a necklace chain. You can also choose from various styles of chains, including mesh, snake, knots, circles, boxes, cable, beads, and rope. Necklace chains are available in three different lengths. You can choose from a 16 in., 18 in., or 24 in. chain to wear alone or to wear with a pendant attached to the chain. Regardless of the style you choose, a diamond necklace, or any piece of diamond jewelry, will brighten the day of a person you care about.

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