Engagement Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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If you are thinking about asking the woman you love to marry you, you will probably want to purchase a nice engagement ring. Engagement rings can be found in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes and they can be made from various materials. Engagement rings will typically feature a large diamond. This diamond can be set in a ring made from any precious metal, including gold, silver, titanium, or platinum.

Methods for Purchasing Engagement Rings

There are various ways to discover the type of engagement ring that she would love to wear. The most obvious way to discover her preference is to take her to a jewelry store to see which rings she likes the best. This method is good if you are not preoccupied with surprising her with a marriage proposal.

Many men would prefer to make the marriage proposal and the engagement ring a surprise for the woman they love. In this case, it can be more difficult to determine what types of rings she prefers. A good method is asking her friends or family members to casually mention ring styles and to see how she responds. Friends and family members can also take her into jewelry stores to observe the ring styles that catch her eye.

When choosing from different engagement rings, you may also want to first observe the styles of rings that your girlfriend has in her jewelry box. You can also take an imprint of one of her rings to determine the size of her finger. If you think she will not notice when one of her rings is missing, you may also borrow a ring and take it to the jeweler with you. Jewelers can then find an accurate size for her engagement ring without trying it on her finger.

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