Fancy Loose Diamonds

Written by Jill Morrison
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Fancy loose diamonds are typically purchased to be set in engagement rings. You can initially choose the engagement ring that you would like to purchase and then decide on the right size, shape, and quality of diamond to place in the ring setting. Loose diamonds are simply single diamonds that are sold separately from rings or other jewelry items.

Options of Fancy Loose Diamonds

It may seem simple to choose from different fancy loose diamonds. However, there are many considerations to make, including the cut, size, carat, clarity, and color of certain diamonds. You should choose to purchase your loose diamonds from a reputable jeweler, so you will know that you are getting honest prices on your loose diamond choices.

When choosing from various fancy loose diamonds, you can make your decision based on the Four Cs of diamond quality. The Four Cs include cut, clarity, color, and carat. Diamonds with the highest ratings of all four of these categories are more expensive and valuable. You can choose one or a few of these qualities that are most important to you when choosing loose diamonds to purchase.

The cut of loose diamonds is often considered the most important quality. The American Gem Society states that the cut of a diamond can affect the value of diamond engagement rings by 25 percent to 50 percent. Most people prefer to purchase round brilliant cut diamonds for engagement rings, but the princess cut comes in a close second place. Other cut options include the emerald, assher, ideal, marquise, and the brilliant cut.

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