Jules Jurgensen Watches

Written by Diane Sievert
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Jules Jurgensen watches are known for offering the finest in European timekeeping. Though Jules Jurgensen watches are now made in the United States, they were first created in 1740 by Urban Jurgensen, the official Clockmaker to the Court of Copenhagen. Since then, Jules Jurgensen watches have continued to thrive and now have a name that carries weight the world over.

Jules Jurgensen Watches Are Made to Last

Jules Jurgensen watches have been around now for over two hundred years, so they've had quite a while to develop a reputation. Over the years, they've won countless awards for their top-notch craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. After decades of experimentation and progress, Jules Jurgensen watches have been perfected--a Jules Jurgensen watch will last you a lifetime.

Jules Jurgensen watches are made with only the finest of Swiss parts. Even though the watches are now assembled in the United States, the parts are still imported from a company factory in Switzerland. These parts are comprised of the only the highest quality materials: titanium, stainless steel, quality quartz, etc..

But it's much more than just the materials that make these watches special--the entire manufacturing process is subject to the highest of standards. Each and every watch is scrutinized before it's shipped off to its final destination. This attentiveness to detail is part of what makes the Jules Jurgensen name one to be reckoned with.

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