Princess Cut Diamonds

Written by Diane Sievert
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Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular style of diamonds after round diamonds, and with good reason. The refractive properties of these square cut diamonds almost equal the refractive properties of round diamonds. So, if you're the kind of woman who wants something other than round but you don't want to sacrifice brilliance, you should consider princess cut diamonds.

Why Buy Princess Cut Diamonds?

Unlike a lot of other shapes, princess cut diamonds work in almost every setting. For example, they make great diamond solitaires and great stud earrings. They also work beautifully in diamond bracelets and 3 stone rings and pendants.

In fact, princess cut diamonds are far and away the most popular shape when it comes to 3 stone anniversary rings. One large stone sits in the middle and it's flanked on either side by two smaller princess cut diamonds. Something about the square shape of the diamond works well with the horizontal layout of this particular kind of ring.

Another great thing about princess cut diamonds is that they're easy to mix and match with other shapes. Some of the more distinctive shapes, like heart and marquise, can be hard to mix with other diamond shapes. Since the plain square shape is relatively simple, you can mix princess cut diamonds with round diamonds quite easily.

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